Christian Nannies will listen to the nanny’s requirements and needs, and best match these with potential families. As a professional nanny agency, we strive for our nannies to stay with their chosen families for as long as possible, as this brings stability and structure for the entire family. This creates a strong bond between the child and the nanny, which is fundamental to the child’s development. 

Christian Nannies will encourage great relationships throughout the nanny’s time with a family, which is why clear communication is vital for both the nanny and the family. If necessary we will provide ongoing support to the nanny in areas that the nanny may find challenging.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you simply need some guidance or have any questions.

Required Criteria

Must be legally allowed to work in the United Kingdom

Have a cleared up to date enhanced DBS certificate

Have an up to date First Aid or Paediatric First Aid certificate

Two years working experience as a nanny or child-related role

Three contactable referees

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The Process

Step 1

Once Christian Nannies has received the nanny’s completed application form and CV and we are happy to proceed, the nanny will be invited for an in-depth interview in person. We would like to get to know the nanny so that Christian Nannies has a great understanding of what’s important to the nanny. Once successfully registered with Christian Nannies we will start the job search.

Step 2

As soon as we have found families where we feel there could be a potentially great connection, we will ask if the nanny would like to be put forward for the job role. Once both parties have agreed to meet for an interview, Christian Nannies will arrange this.

Step 3

The moment the family decides to offer the nanny employment and the nanny agrees, then Christian Nannies will arrange an agreed start date. The nanny will receive an employment contract from their new employer. The nanny will need to read this carefully. If the nanny has any questions, please bring them up before the contract is signed.

Apply to be a Nanny

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Becoming Ofsted registered

Registering with Ofsted on the voluntary register may prove very useful as some families prefer if the nanny that they welcome into their family is Ofsted registered or willing to become. Families are able to benefit from Childcare Vouchers if they employ a nanny that is Ofsted registered and therefore will be able to save on their childcare costs. Ofsted registration fee costs £103 per annum. This registration needs to be renewed yearly. To become registered with Ofsted on the voluntary register, the nanny will need to meet certain requirements.

Visit the Ofsted website to find out more about becoming Ofsted registered.

Ofsted Website

Tax-Free Childcare

Nannies that register with Ofsted will be able to sign up for the Tax-Free Childcare. This allows working parents to benefit from this new government scheme. Signing up to this scheme is a very simple process. Tax-Free Childcare is gradually replacing the current Childcare Vouchers. For more information regarding the new government scheme, Nanny Tax is the government’s advisory forum, helping nannies and employers.

Tax-Free Childcare