Enjoying the season of Autumn with your family!

I am personally always sad to say goodbye to Summer, but I have realised that a new journey awaits with new creative ideas that children absolutely love. Here are a few ideas that could be great fun for your family in this new season:

Go on a family adventure to your local park or woodland and see how many different types of natural objects that you are able to find such as pine cones, bark from trees, conkers, acorns, seeds and beautiful leaves that come in an abundance of colours.

Bring home some of the natural objects and allow your creative side to flow.

Quick Idea:

Take an old photo frame, (paint it the colour you like), once dry stick the objects onto the frame with the correct glue (adult help will be needed for little ones), cover the frame completely or leave a space open so that your child may write their name and date if they want to. Please note if you would like to preserve the colour – especially on the leaves, then a clear lacquer (which is a clear varnish) may be sprayed onto the natural objects, then allow to dry. (Adult help will be needed with this). Once the frame has completely dried add a nice family picture of the adventurous Autumn outing.

Whilst you are enjoying nature, see how many local residents you are able to spot such as insects, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, deer and badgers. See if you can name a few interesting facts about each animal that you discover.

Quick fact:

Squirrels are born blind with no fur. Adult Hedgehogs have between 5000 and 7000 spines.

Just to end the family fun, children and especially toddlers love running through heaps of fallen leaves and making “leaf angels”.