The Benefits of Hiring a Nanny for Families

Welcoming a nanny into your home has many benefits. A nanny will provide a personal relationship with your children, which is crucial for them to feel secure and will help your children to flourish and grow into confident young individuals, ready to face the world.

Having a nanny will give you more flexibility, which will be valuable especially when there are unforeseen circumstances that are inevitable in life. If an emergency arises, having a nanny will be much easier than having your children in a childcare setting.

If your family travels on holiday you can arrange to have your nanny accompany you, so that you can have some time off as well, whilst your children are cared for by someone that your whole family trusts. 

Having a nanny can also be more cost-effective, especially if you have two or more children. Another huge benefit is that the nanny can help you with all the child-related tasks in your home, which will help ease the load when you come home after a long day at work and this will allow you more opportunity to spend quality time with your children. 

Smooth Process

Initially, it is beneficial for families to work alongside the nannies to show them the routine that they have put in place. There is no set rule, but Christian Nannies would recommend that at least 2 days are spent together working alongside each other. This is especially helpful for the child/children, as they will have time to adapt to the new transition and will feel more content seeing the parents build a trusting relationship with the new nanny.

It will be a good idea to work through an emergency situation and what you would require the nanny to do in such an event. Please be sure to also discuss any house rules, so that the new nanny can be on board with this, e.g. do you allow third parties to drop by unannounced?

It is advisable to leave your nanny a “kitty”, as this will allow your nanny to pay for a book sale at school or for taking the children for an ice-cream or picking up some milk etc. Ask the nanny to keep a simple log of what they have spent and to provide you with the receipts.

Some families find it very beneficial if the nanny keeps a diary of each day. This is great for families to read and can serve very useful when writing down important information, such as when and how much medication was administered etc.

Families Responsibilities

Families need to have Employer’s Liability Insurance in place when employing a nanny. Some home insurance policies already have this in place, however please do confirm your cover with your insurance provider.

Parents need to ensure that their home is safe and a good working environment, so that the nanny is able to fulfill their duties.

If you require the nanny to drive your motor vehicle, then motor vehicle insurance will be required.

The family (employer) is responsible for paying the nannies (employee) Income Tax, Employee’s National Insurance Contribution’s and the Employee’s Pension Contribution’s (if applicable). If the nannies salary is agreed in gross then the above deductions will come off directly from the nannies salary.

The family may be required to pay Employer’s Pension Contribution’s and Employer’s National Insurance Contribution’s (if applicable), which does not form part of the nannies salary but rather an additional cost to the nanny employer.

Families may find it beneficial to use a professional PAYE company that will ensure that all the families responsibilities regarding payroll are dealt with correctly and with as little stress as possible.

Payroll for Nannies or Nanny Tax will be happy to answer any questions that a family may have regarding payroll. Please remember that your nanny will be entitled to paid holidays pro rata to how many days the nanny works.