As a nanny for a Christian family it is not always necessary for you to follow the same faith as them but you may need to be able to support the child’s Christian faith.

If this is not something that you have done before you are probably wondering how exactly you can support a child’s Christian faith in their home, so we have put together some ideas which may help you.

Lead by example

The most profound way that you can support a child’s Christian faith is to lead by example. This means that you should pay attention to the ways in which you react to situations that are out of your control and how you act towards others.

You should show patience towards those around you, try to assist complete strangers if they need help and show love towards people that you meet and spend time with.

Help them to know their true identity in Christ

Many people grow up basing their identities on what they do in their lives when in fact those who follow the Christian faith should know that their true identity is in Christ. To support the children that you are caring for, it is important that you help them with this.

This means helping them to see that they are special, irreplaceable and loved beyond compare by God. This will help children to feel confident in who they truly are and will help them not to feel vulnerable to outside pressures from other people or their peers.

Teaching children from a young age about how much they are loved by Jesus and that He has made each of us perfectly, is very comforting for little ones and will help children to realise their worth.

Read them Bible stories

Children love to listen to Bible stories about our Lord Jesus Christ and how He helped and loved so many people despite their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Plus, reading stories to children is a great way to bond with them, especially when what you are reading to them can teach them so many valuable lessons and help them to become loving and caring individuals.

Pray at mealtimes

Praying at mealtimes is a brilliant way to teach children to pray. In no time they will understand the meaning behind praying and be confident to pray by themselves. This is a wonderful way for the whole family to bond and children will enjoy being part of this special routine.

Teach them to love and respect others

You should strive to teach the children in your care that we must love and respect all people regardless of our differences.

It is best if you start to teach them this from a very young age so they grow up always knowing that this is the right way to act towards others. This means that they will be accepting and respectful of people that they meet throughout their life no matter who they are.

Help those less fortunate than themselves

Encourage the children in your care to be involved in helping other people that are less fortunate and teach them about the importance of giving to charity and completing charitable deeds.

For example, help your child to collect clothes from their families and friends and donate these to a charity in need or help them to raise funds for sick children by setting up sponsorship for an activity or organising and holding a bake sale at their house.

Encourage church participation

As children grow older they may feel that they don’t want to attend church or Sunday school. In supporting a child’s Christian faith, it is vital that you teach them how important these services are and try to encourage them to go.

Try to build excitement around it if you feel that they are not motivated and explain that it is a special time in which they can be part of worship as well as fellowshipping with their friends

Children may also really enjoy attending church camps and events with their friends.

By taking these ideas on board and implementing them within the Christian home that you are working, you will be able to support the children’s faith and help them to grow into moral, loving and respectful people.


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