Our Vision

The relational dynamic between a family and a nanny is vital for the spiritual, emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of a child thus helping a child to reach their developmental milestones appropriate to their age. At our nanny agency, we understand this dynamic and endeavour to promote this outcome.

Being Transparent & Ethical

Working with Integrity & Excellence

Being Professional & Meticulous

Always Friendly & Loving

What Makes Our Nanny Agency Different?

At our nanny agency, Christian Nannies main priority is the safety and nurturing of all children. A face to face in-depth interview will be conducted once we are happy to proceed with the nannies application. We provide important safety suggestions to potential nannies.

We verify all applicable documentation that is required for a nanny to register successfully with Christian Nannies and we only put forward nannies that have an Enhanced DBS (The Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate or will be in the process of obtaining a DBS check.

If a nanny from aboard requests to register with us, we require a Police Check from the country the nanny currently resides in. Once the nanny is a resident in England and Wales, we require that the nanny obtains an Enhanced DBS check stating Child Workforce. We also encourage nannies to register to join the DBS Update Service. This ensures that the DBS Certificate is kept up to date and will give us and the family the opportunity to view the nannies current DBS Certificate online, with the nannies prior consent. 


There is no charge to register with Christian Nannies for families and nannies. A placement fee will be charged to the family once a job offer has been made to the candidate and the candidate accepts the offer.

Our placement fees are competitive with absolutely no hidden fees.

All candidates will meet the requirements of having an Paediatric First Aid certificate or a First Aid certificate (or will be in the process of attending a training course), dependent on the nature of the role and 3 contactable referees (2 contactable referees may be considered in certain circumstances).

I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to God as long as I live.
Psalm 104:33

Christian Nannies will provide a professional service to both families and nannies.

If we are unsure about a certain question or circumstance we will endeavour to get the best possible advice. 

Christian Nannies will assist both families and nannies to prepare for the interview as needed.

We believe that working ethically and with integrity are at the core of our business and strive to maintain this in all of our dealings.